The Rat – 7 June 2019 07:34

I was asked the other day what the secret was to running a successful country pub.My immediate answer was hard work..but though it is hard work, hard work doesn’t guarantee you customers. It got us thinking and there’s one sure thing – without (decent)food you wouldn’t have a hope in hell ( isn’t that the ultimate expression of human optimism)of making somewhere like this pay, but I’m a strong believer that people come for an experience not just for the food. So there’s a raft of other factors at play here,Food, ambience, hospitality, location.. and if you picked us up and plonked us in the centre of a city would it work?
But would we be as busy?
Probably not.
So.Why do you come? What ticks your boxes?
Or do you run a country or city pub? If so what’s your secret?
Answers in the comments section please, not on a postcard😂#pubs #country #gastropubs #thoughtfortheday #cheflife #rural #northumberland

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